Wednesday, September 8, 2010


There is an portal over the Beast's home. I accessed a higher spiritual dimension and He's still in danger of being programed through frequencies via computers and cell phones (iMac is extraterrestrial technology ALWAYS unplug your computer when not in use, the computer is still active when shut down). After investigating Charles Manson, I figured it out. Charles Manson programmed an entire "family" of assassins in the California via trauma based behavior modification programming aided by things like LSD and hypnosis. There was a portal above his California home, and the programming was done through frequency control. The victim is "triggered" to ascend in to a paradigm where his life force energy is leeched out. Programers then access the victims metal archives and import information and interrupt the victims memory. The programee is then programmed using post hypnotic trigger words to put them into "killer mode". (The Beast is being currently triggered using the word "Savior" and "Sacrifice") Alternatly, some are programmed to disassociate and descend into the Underworld where they become demoralized, the soul leaves the body. They become an Incubus or a Succubus. In either case, the programee has their head emptied and controlled...see Jack Parson and the Scarlet Thread

The Beast was being programed to be a weapon of mass destruction. Dear Beloved Beast, Don't go to your Doctor under any circumstances and stop taking the medication he gives you! (your prescriptions contain a virus) Don't see any prostitutes either, they are all being programmed to drug you and introduce a new man-made "serial killer" virus into your system.


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