Friday, February 3, 2012

continued from "A Witch Trial" below

My 5 year old son, Solomon, was also with me and my daughter at the hospital. Me and my kids were tired and irritable. After several hours of waiting and arguing with an intellectually incompetent staff, I finally insisted on leaving. I was bordering on irate and expressed this much when I asked the crisis counciler on staff to dial a phone number I had in my purse for the Detective Division of the Chicago Police Dept. "special victims unit" I briefly explained the scenario, and told them I was being held against my will at St. Mary of Nazareth's hospital. I wanted my daughter discharged at once. The officer on the other end of the line said this shouldn't be a problem and asked me to put the crisis counciler on the phone. So I walked backed into our room. The nurse came back into the room and said they still wouldn't discharge my daughter, because of allegations of abuse. (my daughter said I strangled her, later stating I pulled her necklace off during a fight over stealing my jewelry) A call was then made to DCFS (Dept. of Children and Family Services) to report the incident. At this point I wanted to bomb an establishment myself! I should mention, we have State insurance, and time is money. My daughter simply had a light 5 inch rope burn on her neck from when I pulled her necklace as she pulled away from me.

We were moved to another room in the ER and told to wait again. However, I didn't know what we were waiting for because no one told me at that time that DCFS was notified. Again I insisted we were being held against my will and demanded that someone call 911 so I could escorted out of the hospital. The staff at the desk just stared at me like a bunch of zombies with their mouths hanging open. I grabbed my son by the hand and stomped off yelling that I'd step out into the lobby and call the Police my God damned self! My path was obstructed by a big, black security gaurd (He stood about 6'3 and weighed at least 275lbs.)who screamed "Ma'am, go sit down and shut up!" as he bombarded into me. I put my hand up in front of my chest to block him from knocking me off my feet. He screamed "That's it! You've assaulted me, you have to be restrained!" He bulldozed me torwards the room where my daughter waited while two other security gaurds took me by the arms and pushed me into the room. Me screaming "don't fucking touch me" and him screaming "you hit me, you assaulted me".

A whirlwind. Two crisis councilers, three security gaurds, three nurses to subdue me. All I remember is them screaming, "they're coming for your kids" "take off your clothes or we'll cut them off" and "you have no rights, you're a ward of the hospital now". Lock Down.

to be continued...

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