Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lavona King vs. Illinois Dept. of Children and Family Services

A brief history of false allegations made by anonymous callers since October 2010.

October 2010 - Abuse and neglect, Mother mentally unfit to raise children; diagnosed with schizophrenia. Mother tells people she is "the Savior" of the world. Mother tells people her son is the "son of Satan." Family to be evicted from apartment.
* Status - Unfounded - I was able to provide proof of residency.I was triaged for a mental assessment, then "cleared" of any accusations of insanity.

November 2011 - (Mandated) report of abuse by Casa Central Y.O.U. youth program. (Maya had a 1 inch bruise on her right eyebrow. I smacked her in the face after she spray painted her freshly painted bedroom walls with glow-in-the-dark paint.)
* Status - Deliberate intention to harm or injure was "Unfounded", but the caseworker neglected to close this case.

January 2012 - Report of neglect, Mother finacially unfit to raise children; no electricity, no running water, no food.
*Status - Home inspection was done by a caseworker, and although allegations were "Unfounded", once again the caseworker failed to close the case.

The case recently opened (see Witch Hunt post below) suggest that there is "Substantial Risk of Physical/Environmental Injurious to Health and Welfare" I don't know what that entails exactly, but as I mentioned before, a home inspection was done and no such evidence was found. Also indicted was that my daughter allegedly had "Cuts, Bruises, Welts, Abrasions and Oral Injuries" This is an outrage! The medical records from St. Mary of Nazereth show that my daughter simply had an abrasion on her neck.

I have an attorney appointed by the State of Illinois. But after I get my kids back, I'm suing everyone!

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