Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"The Witch Trial" continued from below...

Approx. 40 hours after I submitted a detail report to the nurse on staff later; I was still waiting to be seen by a Doctor. Finally I mentioned to another woman on staff that all my rights had been violated and since the moment I was admitted, the staff told me that I had no rights. So if in fact that was the case, that I'd like to see that policy in writing. Surprisingly enough, she gave me a copy of my Rights of an Admitee, which included my Rights as an Individual.

At this time I told several people on staff that I was accurate and I had it in plain writing that my rights were violated. I was told that I was diagnosed, admitted by "the doctor" and waiting for a bed to become available at the State Ward. Did they mean a mental institution!? Diagnosed with what!? They said the crisis counciler said I was paranoid and psychotic. And the reason I was being transferred to a State Psych Ward was because I had no health insurance. What!? I hadn't been seen by a physician or a psychiatrist yet Confused, I retreated back to my room with my rights in hand. I tucked the paperwork under my pillow and stared into space for a while. I thought I'd better cool out for a little while to avoid acting "psychotic" again. I decided to sleep for a while and wait for the morning staff to arrive. Maybe there was someone else I could try to reason with.

The next morning I was finally able to flag down a physician who promised to hear me out. After hearing my story in its entirety, he contacted the hospital's psychitrist. 50 something hours later I was discharged.

In short, my rights were violated, not only my rights as a patient, but my Constitutional rights. My children were taken from me because allegations of abuse were made. Again, corporal punishment is not illegal in the United States unless evidence of injury is founded. However, allegations can be discredited by so called "crisis councilers" if circumstances indicate that the condition was accidental. When I went to the ER for help, it was not an admission of guilt, but literally a cry for help with pissed off teenager who had to be restained because of violent episode in our home. I made a rash decision and now both my children pay the price. I'm currently in the throws of a very ugly legal situation. Although allegations of deliberate physical abuse and alleged mental illness were unfounded at the hospital. The case is still caught up in a court of law; Lavona King vs.DCFS (Illinois Dept of Children and Family Services)

I have been appointed a lawyer though the States Attorney, and thus far I don't think anyone involved in this case is hearing what I'm saying. I'm starting to wonder how long this will take. I haven't seen my kids since 1/11/12. I'm seriously beyond worried about their well being and safety because they are now in the so called "protective custody" of the State. Temporaily placed in my mother's home.

I should mention, I found out that when I called my mother for help from the hospital, she told the crisis counciler that I "had a history of psychiatric hospitalizations and medications". First of all, that absolutely untrue. Second, if the hospital pulled my medical records at that time, they would have discharged me right away. Instead they treated me like a patient with a history of mental illness.

to be cont...

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