Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Witch Trial...cont.

My clothes were torn off my body by eight people and I was tied to a hospital bed with restraints on my hands and feet. I was still pissed as hell and asked everyone present if it gave them hard-ons to treat people this way. No one thought that was as funny as I did apparently, my remarks were ignored. One of the crisis councilers reminded me that "they"(DCFS) were coming for my kids and would I "like us to contact anyone else?" My immediate reaction was "My mom, I guess." Big mistake...

I was left alone for about an hour or so when finally one of the nurses came back into the room. She forced a blood test even after I reminded her that she was in violation of my rights. Once again I was told "you have no rights." Shortly after that my mother, Robbin arrived. I explained briefly what happened and asked her to take the kids home so "they" wouldn't throw my kids into a Foster home or something. "Can you please tell them I'm not crazy!? They said I'm psychotic!" She just looked at me with this hateful face and after a moment, with utter satisfaction she said "you needed help a long time ago Lavona" and walked out of the room.

More time passed, staring at the florescent lights above me, all I could think of was what is about to happen to my kids. Did my mother take them home? Did DCFS take them? After a few more hours the nurse returned with the results of my blood test and told me she was going to let me use the bathroom so I could give her a urine sample. She said my potassium level was low and I would need an IV, and my heart needed to be monitered. So after the piss test I was put into another room and attached to an electrocardiogram machine to monitor heart. At this point I thought they must be trying to give me a heart attack...I was a nervous wreck. Two new zombie nurses were on staff at this point. Check vitals, and other standard procedures for ER admittees until they can be seen by a physician or psychiatrist. I insisted it was all a mistake and I tried to explain to both women on staff as calmly as possible that my rights were being violated. Not a surprise that this fell on dead ears. "The Doctor will be in to see you shortly..." Something I heard over and over again for the next 12 hours. I was also given a fucking brain scan during this time. Hell.

Next morning, new staff, new room and bathroom privileges! Again I aired out my grievances to an audience of emotionless faces. "Please go back to your room, the Doctor will be in to see you shortly..." After several more hours, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep my cool. I asked for a pen and paper. I wrote a detailed account of what transpired over the previous 28 hours. I handed it to the nurse on staff and told her to make a copy of it for their records. I was tired of telling the same story over and over again to the robots on staff.

to be continued...

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