Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The Anarchist Cookbook~ The Revolution will not be televised...

We are anarcho-syndicalists on

the shop floor, green anarchists in

the woods, social anarchists in our

communities, individualists when you

catch us alone, anarcho-communists

when theres something to share,

insurrectionists when we strike a blow.

Mother Nature will clean house…the earthquakes have not ceased. Get out of California, check out this map! Start driving East! Car pool if you have to!

Hell's Kitchen, burn baby burn...

wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Sun Channel part 2

This is Urgent!!! As predicted on my blog post "A Planet Inside" the Earth is rotating backwards and the plates are shifting. Please take a look at this government website that's documenting all the Earthquakes in California and Hawaii, during the last week, day, and hour.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Sword (Truth) that comforts me...

"They keep themselves from the kisses of my Mother Babylon, and in their lonely fortresses they pray to the false moon. And they bind themselves together with an oath, and with a great curse. And of their malice they conspire together, and they have power, and mastery, and in their cauldrons do they brew the harsh wine of delusion, mingled with the poison of their selfishness."

"Thus they make war upon the Holy One, sending forth their delusion upon men, and upon everything that liveth. So that their false compassion is called compassion, and their false understanding is called understanding, for this is their most potent spell."

"Yet of their own poison do they perish, and in their lonely fortresses shall they be eaten up by Time that hath cheated them to serve him, and by the mighty devil Choronzon, their master, whose name is the Second Death11, for the blood that they have sprinkled on their Pylon, that is a bar against the Angel Death, is the key by which he entereth in." The Cry of the 12th Aethyr, Which is Called LOE

Friday, December 10, 2010

Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies;
you anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life,
and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is part one of a conversation Daniel Pinchbeck had with the legenday filmmaker, author, and Tarot reader Alejandro Jodorowsky. Jodorowsky is known for his occult masterpieces Holy Mountain and El Topo. This video, directed and edited by Bradley Smith, was filmed on an evening celebrating the release of Jodorowsky's latest book, Psychomagic: read an excerpt from the book here

"Psychomagic presents the shamanic and genealogical principles Jodorowsky discovered to create a healing therapy that could use the powers of dreams, art, and theater to empower individuals to heal wounds that in some cases had traveled through generations. The concrete and often surreal poetic actions Jodorowsky employs are part of an elaborate strategy intended to break apart the dysfunctional persona with whom the patient identifies in order to connect with a deeper self. That is when true transformation can manifest."

* 12/4/10 - I met Alejandro in the Underworld last night, preceded by a White Horse. He said this book was for you. He said you were about to make the biggest mistake of your life. He said you will carry this burden on the back of your black horse, alone, for the rest of your life. Maybe you reconsidered...maybe the Earth will hold her power? He said the book would provide you with all the answers you need.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let us Pray...

Trials by Fire and the Dark Side of the Moon

(edited from SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2009)

You might be wondering what all the fire and smoke is about around here. I have been dancing on coals for a very long time now...and it's almost over. I've survived "The Burning Times" the tests and the trials one faces during the alchemical stage, Nigredo. I've explored the depths of the Underworld. I've conquered demons...reconciled with my Shadow. I've reached the final frontier...re-shaping family karma. More about that later...

There's a point in life when you have to face the inner horror of yourself. For me, it began in Jr. High School (I went to a Catholic s elementary school grades 1-5) Even though I was one of the popular kids, (Class President even) I found myself becoming increasingly uphappy. The kind of unhappiness where I couldn't fake it anymore. Of course there was a lifetime of events leading to this crisis...but it was then I decided it was time for a revolution. School sucked and my dysfunctional home sucked even more. It was a pivotal, life changing moment. After learning about the Witch Inquisitions of Europe in my World History class, I took up an interest in Modern Witchcraft. I discovered New Wave Punk on the local college radio station. The guy who hosted the show played bands like The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Depeche Mode, P.I.L., New Order, OMD, The Smiths and the Cocteau Twins. I started tagging along with the local skater boys. They introduced me to Hardcore Punk bands like Minor Threat, the The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag. I abandoned the latest fashion trends for a black wardrobe...left behind my white Keds and pretty flats for a pair of black Vision Street Wear skate shoes and a pair of chunky Mary Janes with big silver buckles. I walked away from all the beautiful plastic people and found a new BFF (Emily Schumacher) and kissed my popularity status goodbye! By my first year of High School Emily and I set off into the Unknown to look for signs of LIFE. We were the "Squid Sisters"... it was originally an insult about our newly adopted, inky black wardrobe and make-up that one of our peers called us...but we embraced it! It wasn't long before we found our new family of freaks: new wavers, punks and death rockers (the term "goth" didn't really exsist yet). Emily and I grew apart very quickly. She got a boyfriend and I got a new BFF. I headed down a much darker path, that's when the story really begins. Here's a picture of me just days after my 14th Birthday, just the beginning of my descent into Darkness...

"I called out to God to liberate my soul, but the Lord replied "If you want the key to Heaven child, first you must walk below...down below" So with lips painted like poison and in black I was clothed, so began the long journey home. I looked in dark places for the other half my soul. Loomed in dark spaces and my hands were always cold..." Lavona King 1991

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Oh, how I crushed on Robert Smith...

until he broke my teenage heart and married Mary.

then I fell in love with Rozz Williams...

I started haunting "The Occult Bookstore" where I got my first deck of Tarot Cards "the Mythic Tarot". I bought my first Occult books there like: A Witches' Bible by Jane and and Stewart Farrar, The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, and novels like The Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft, and Moonchild by Aleister Crowley. I discovered Wax Trax Records and my taste in music got darker and harder. Some of my favorites were: My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Dead Can Dance, Fields of the Nephilim, Ministry, RevCo, Christian Death, The Cramps, The Misfits, Danzig, 45 Grave, Alien Sex Fiend, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Nitzer Ebb, Nick Cave, Miranda Sex Garden, Rosetta Stone, The Swans, Death in June, and Current 93. I idolized women like Siouxsie Sioux, Diamanda Galas, Exene Cervenka and Lydia Lunch! (That's Lydia below)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My weekends were spent going to see bands and hanging out at Chicago's legendary all ages night club, Medusa's. By the age of 16 I had a fake I.D. and started hanging out at 21 & over Goth & Industrial nightclubs like Neo, Hounds Tooth, Crobar, and Aftermath. I would take a shower and say goodnight to my parents at about 10pm...wait till I heard them go to bed...get dressed and sneak out my bedroom window! My home life was an intolerable madhouse so I left home the day before my 18th Birthday. That's when things got totally out of control. Looking back it all seems like a bizarre dream...

I've started a project to archive my own alchemical "Nigredo" stage. A journey through my personal Underworld...Death Rock Culture and Dark Spirituality (Black Magic, Necromancy, Demonology). I got this old Victorian style secretary on craigslist for $50 that will contain the art and objects used to illustrate what I've endured through "The Burning Times". It's already painted with a thick coat of black paint, but I'm going to burn it with a torch and then put a coat of epoxy on it. (see the Maarten Baas 'Smoke Collection' a few posts ago) I'm also considering using this crackle paint I saw at the art supply store that gives it that kind of burnt look...so we'll see...I don't want to set my back porch on fire! You might call it a Cabinet of Morbid Curiosity...a cabinet (instead of a closet) for my skeletons! The cabinet will contain a diary of core issues that caused my descent into Darkness. Shadow Totems that I met along the way: Spiders, Bats, Black Cats, Snakes. Dark Lords of the Underworld will be represented, like Satan, Lucifer, Baphomet, Hades, the Baron Samedi. I also want to feature the links between my own behavior and the psychological aspects of the Dark Feminine Goddess (Dark Side of the Moon) Medusa, Hecate, Lilith, Babalon and Kali.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Every culture and religion has a myth or a fable about the Descent of Spirit into Darkness...the heroic act of leaving everything you love behind to journey into the Underworld. Those who return from the land of the Dead emerge triumphantly from the depths wearing a hard earned Crown of Wisdom. My favorite is the story of the Persephone, the Goddess of Spring...below she is pictured just before her descent...she has left behind her friends and family, her worldly possessions including her velvet robes and jeweled crown. My story is like a modern re-telling of the Perpsephone Myth...

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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Opening of 7 Seals

The Opening of 7 Seals

Revelation 5:6; "And behold, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.". Revelation 6:1; "And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see."

THE FIRST SEAL ~ Haille Sellassie, The Rider of the White Horse of Conquest

THE SECOND SEAL ~ Adolf Hitler, The Red Horse of Bloodshed

THE THIRD SEAL ~ Harry Truman, The Black Horse of Famine

THE FOURTH SEAL ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower, The Pale Green Horse of Death

THE FIFTH SEAL ~ Vision of Martyrs (September 11 attacks)

THE SIXTH SEAL (11/11/10) Cosmic Disturbances:
* (Venus conjunction with the Sun) The New Moon occurs when the Moon conjoins the Sun and the solar light completely obscures the lunar, leaving us in darkness. But it is in that darkness that the first rays of light can be seen. see also: prince priest, Beast

* The Sun turns black, the Moon turns red (Sun and Moon both in Scorpio) sealing of the 144,000

* White House scheduled the G-20 morning plenary sessions I, II and II at the Coex Center in Seoul, South Korea.

Initiation: The unfortunate fact of the matter is that I was supposed to be impregnated with twins by the Beast on 11/11. Physical reality is a consciousness program created by digital codes. Numbers, numeric codes, define our existence. Human DNA, our genetic memory, is encoded to be triggered by digital codes at specific times and frequencies. 11 represents spiraling twin strands of human DNA moving into higher frequency of consciousness. Those codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11:11 is one of those codes, meaning activation of DNA. 11/11 was supposed to be the bridge between duality and Oneness, a mass activation triggering a remembrance at the cellular level that we are One. But since the Beast was having sex with another Blood Moon (a whore of Babylon) instead of making love to me, the Scarlet Moon (the Star of Babalon) the Sixth Seal was opened.

Will it be The End or a New Beginning? Shall we open the Seventh Seal or the Rose Stargate?

* THE SEVENTH SEAL ~ Prelude To The 7 Trumpets of 7 Angels & The Final Judgement

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I want my identity back...

Identity theft is a form of fraud or cheating of another person's identity in which someone pretends to be someone else by assuming that person's identity, typically in order to access resources or obtain credit and other benefits in that person's name. The victim of identity theft (here meaning the person whose identity has been assumed by the identity thief) can suffer adverse consequences if he or she is held accountable for the perpetrator's actions. Organizations and individuals who are duped or defrauded by the identity thief can also suffer adverse consequences and losses, and to that extent are also victims.
The term identity theft was coined in 1964 and is actually a misnomer, since it is not literally possible to steal an identity as such - more accurate terms would be identity fraud or impersonation or identity cloning but identity theft has become commonplace.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

a note to the wicked

Into that darkness
Into that darkness
Like jackals howling
Like flowers unfolding
Into that darkness
Into that darkness
The banners in tatters
The virgin is blessed
Into that darkness
Into that darkness
As if seeking there
Hope's bloody prey
The dead dog sinking
Turning and turning
Into that darkness
Into that darkness
The bodies collapsed
Swollen with gas
Into that darkness
Into that darkness
In the hovels and gutters
Her face to the storm
Into that darkness
Into that darkness
Still broken, still bleeding
The crack of the neck
The gut shriek of thunder
The blood call of lightning
She said destroy in black New York...
Into that darkness
Into that darkness
Like jackals howling
Like flowes unfolding
Into that darkness
Into that darkness
The virgin has blessed
The call of the beast
Into that darkness
Into that darkness
As if seeking there
Hope's bloody prey
The dead dog sinking
Turning and turning
She said destroy in black New York...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Star of Babalon vs. The Whore of Babylon

The Vessel of Babalon is not a whore, a drug addict, a prostitute, a mistress, an evil witch or a child molester.

"But to love me is better than all things; if under the night stars in the desert thou presently burnest mine incense before me, invoking me with a pure heart and the serpent flame therein, thou shalt come a little to lie in my bosom. For one kiss wilt thou be willing to give all. But whoso gives one particle of dust shall lose all in that hour. Ye shall gather goods and store of women and spices; ye shall wear rich jewels; ye shall exceed the nations of earth in splendour and pride; but always in the love of me, and so shall ye come to my joy. I charge you earnestly to come before me in a single robe, and covered with a rich head- dress. I love you! I yearn to you! Pale or purple, veiled or voluptuous, I who am all pleasure and purple and drunkenness of the innermost sense, desire you. Put on the wings, and arouse the coiled splendour within you: come unto me! to me! Sing the rap- turous love songs unto me! Burn to me perfume! Drink to me, for I love you! I love you! I am the blue lidded daughter of sunset, I am the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night sky. To me. To me."

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Love is GOD(DESS)

Aside from the obvious 11/11 vibration, 11+11+10=32 and 3+2=5. The number 5 in numerology is a number for change and is associated with the planet Mercury. In terms of Alchemy, think Sol, Luna, and Mercury...as the Three Principles of the Great Work.

Heaven and Earth

Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom."

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let Her Kill Her Heart

"Let the Scarlet Woman beware! If pity and compassion and tenderness visit her heart; if she leave my work to toy with old sweetnesses; then shall my vengeance be known. I will slay me her child: I will alienate her heart: I will cast her out from men: as a shrinking and despised harlot shall she crawl through dusk wet streets, and die cold and an-hungered. But let her raise herself in pride! Let her follow me in my way! Let her work the work of wickedness! Let her kill her heart! Let her be loud and adulterous! Let her be covered with jewels, and rich garments, and let her be shameless before all men! Then will I lift her to pinnacles of power: then will I breed from her a child mightier than all the kings of the earth. I will fill her with joy: with my force shall she see & strike at the worship of Nu: she shall achieve Hadit."

Liber AL vel Legis 3:43-45

Crowley suggested that the reference was to a single child who would perhaps become the great world leader who brings about the new church.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Everything 2012 Earth Changes

"and he spent night after night trying to drink from a mirage"

Monday, September 27, 2010

a place where night time lost it's nightmare

he murders me all night...

Earth Changes...

All my attempts have been sabotaged...my life in ruin. I won't be able to make it to Los Angeles by October 1st now. And I guess that's what they wanted. I was instructed by Babalon to arouse the Beast in the Underworld for the purpose of initiation at the end of April. Here's what I was told (via channeling/automatic writing). I was told that if I didn't arouse the Beast by the Sabbath on October 31, the plates will begin to shift on November 11. This could have been avoided. The Earth started preparing for Earth Changes when the plates began to shift, when we had the violent earthquake in Chile. This caused a polar axis shift which aligned the Earth's axis so the Sun Channel could move through the axis.

love & magick,
Lady Lavona, the crackpot visionary

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

the Beast vs. the Black Stallion

are you done yet?

fucking programmers...

They've been programming me to self destruct...

I've run out of money...they started hard programming at the end of April. I haven't brought in any income since May. They're programming all my friends on Myspace, Facebook, my Etsy "followers" and blog subscribers, friend and family. I'm isolated...but alive and pissed as hell!!! I have no gas, no phone, an eviction notice...

Most people go into a dissociative state when they access this blog...so now what!?

Does anyone know what time it is? It's almost the 11th hour...

Lady Lavona
93 93/93
I need someone from the FBI to contact me immediately. They did not respond last time I asked for help. I believe someone is being held hostage and a child has been kidnapped. I want to start a formal investigation.

2739 W. Hirsch St.
Chicago, IL 60622
773) 772-3937

I'm just West of Wicker Park near North Ave. & California

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Planet Inside

The Earth held her power until Summer Soltice. If don't move to Los Angeles by October 1st, the Earth will start rotating backwards on it's axis and the plates will begin to shift on Samhain, Oct. 31st. Once this happens the states of California and Hawaii with be swallowed by the sea. The Great Pyramid of Giza was activated when Hermes Trismegistus and his consort Luna. Once the pyramid was activated the Sun was able to penetrate the Earth through the control panel known as Stone Henge.

The Beast and I have to leave the United States to activate the pyramids of Mexico by 11/11/11. This heralds the return of Cosmic Christ/Satan Quetzalcoatl the "feathered-serpent") in 2012. This is the end of the Mayan calender. The end of the world as we know it and the beginning of the Golden Age.

There's currently a planet inside the belly of Gaia, the living Earth. Once the pyramids of Mexico are activated on 11/11/11, the The Sun Channel will continue to move through the Universe, through the planetary alignment in our Solar System, straight through the belly of the Earth, pushing the new planet Earth out of the South Pole. We can avoid the Earth Changes...let's make a baby!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blood Moon: Satellite Just Went Down

"They keep themselves from the kisses of my Mother Babylon, and in their lonely fortresses they pray to the false moon. And they bind themselves together with an oath, and with a great curse. And of their malice they conspire together, and they have power, and mastery, and in their cauldrons do they brew the harsh wine of delusion, mingled with the poison of their selfishness."

"Thus they make war upon the Holy One, sending forth their delusion upon men, and upon everything that liveth. So that their false compassion is called compassion, and their false understanding is called understanding, for this is their most potent spell."

"Yet of their own poison do they perish, and in their lonely fortresses shall they be eaten up by Time that hath cheated them to serve him, and by the mighty devil Choronzon, their master, whose name is the Second Death11, for the blood that they have sprinkled on their Pylon, that is a bar against the Angel Death, is the key by which he entereth in." The Cry of the 12th Aethyr, Which is Called LOE

Evan Rachel Wood was programmed via Alice In Wonderland Programming to take Marilyn Manson down. A bloodbath ensued...Marilyn descended into the Underworld.

It's interesting to note that the entire VMA ceremony was designed to artificially arouse the Beast in the Underworld for the purpose of initiation. They focused on a very limited number of artists, the “chosen” artists became characters in the VMA’s ceremony and acted out different ritual dramas. Lady Gaga posed as the Whore of Babylon, and the Beast took the bait. This wasn't quite enough to arouse him though, so Evan continued to condition him through Vampirism and seduced into believing she was the Vessel of Babalon. There are a number of other programmed Succubus Assasins fronting as "Scarlet Women" that are continuing to shape him into believing he is is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love is the Law, Love Under Will

Visions courtesy of Alex Grey


"As the Manifestation of the Goddess in this Aeon, she has come to strike a balance between the male and female energies. She does not do this passively. She is Girt with a Sword and will be at the head of Her armies, women and men together, fighting for true equality of the Female, and all people, as autonomous individuals. This equality is not one where the woman imitates man, and tries to become like him, competing with him for dominance. Woman is not “Man in veiled form”, as Crowley greatly misunderstands it. Rather, Woman has her own unique place, much different from that of a man, but coequal in ability to fight, rule, desire, and accomplish. This is the way of Babalon."

The Golden Age

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


There is an portal over the Beast's home. I accessed a higher spiritual dimension and He's still in danger of being programed through frequencies via computers and cell phones (iMac is extraterrestrial technology ALWAYS unplug your computer when not in use, the computer is still active when shut down). After investigating Charles Manson, I figured it out. Charles Manson programmed an entire "family" of assassins in the California via trauma based behavior modification programming aided by things like LSD and hypnosis. There was a portal above his California home, and the programming was done through frequency control. The victim is "triggered" to ascend in to a paradigm where his life force energy is leeched out. Programers then access the victims metal archives and import information and interrupt the victims memory. The programee is then programmed using post hypnotic trigger words to put them into "killer mode". (The Beast is being currently triggered using the word "Savior" and "Sacrifice") Alternatly, some are programmed to disassociate and descend into the Underworld where they become demoralized, the soul leaves the body. They become demonic...like an Incubus or a Succubus. In either case, the programee has their head emptied and controlled...see Jack Parson and the Scarlet Thread

The Beast was being programed to be a weapon of mass destruction. Dear Beloved Beast, Don't go to your Doctor under any circumstances and stop taking the medication he gives you! (your prescriptions contain a virus) Don't see any prostitutes either, they are all being programmed to drug you and introduce a new man-made "serial killer" virus into your system.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MK Ultra Mind Programing: Frequency Control

If you are suffering from paranoia, depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ect.... you might be under the influence. Programming is done through electrical currents via computers and digital devices. In the worst case scenarios, by using etheric implants in the subtle body. Please remember, nothing can stop Beast, so be strong.

"explain why as technological advances increase exponentially, so does the speed of our downward spiral into robotized humanity…"

Artificial currents that override our natural spiritual current. Think of it like this, a natural spiritual frequency would be likened to rays of the Sun. As opposed to an artificial frequency such as a florescent light bulb.

I've accessed a higher spiritual dimension to deprogram myself. I suspected you and girlfriend might under a mind control program too. After the psychic attacks, I tried to use magick to protect myself. When that didn't work I knew you must be under mind control program because you raped me with a butcher knife in the underworld. I will continue to deprogram you if you're not completely conscious yet.

Just remember, Charles Manson was a programmed assassin. (link) Marilyn Monroe was also a victim of an MKULTRA program and was programmed to self destruct.

Please do not visit any doctors or dentists! If you feel sick or anything look into seeing a Naturopath, or some other kind of holistic practitioner of natural medicine.

Something worth investigating: MK Ultra Sex Slaves Alice In Wonderland Programming

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kenneth Anger: Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome

Lavona (Levanah) the word itself is the phonetic for the Hebrew LBNH (lamed-beth-nun-heh) which is the Hebrew for "Moon" another variation is LVNA, which is Latin for "Moon"

Scarlet Moon Rising ~ Babalon voluntarily decended into the underworld, to awaken the power of the Beast for the purposes of Initiation. So far as the ‘sinful’ nature of the Scarlet Woman is concerned, it is interesting to note that in Hebrew the word “sin” actually means “thorn” and “clay”. Thorny plants such as the acacia or rose symbolise the horns of the crescent moon. The moon itself, like the clay shaped by the hands of the divine potter, is a symbol of the body and the natural soul. Liber AL vel Legis describes the Scarlet Woman as being “a moon” (I: 16); as a moon, she is containment and receptivity, as well as the division into parts of cyclical, phasic existence.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Last night the Babalon current was established Hell. And by the way, a put a binding spell on your little girlfriend so she won't get in my way. I won't allow her to abuse me or sexually arouse me. It's out of my hands now, I've invoked Saturn (karmic justice) and Sun (just Judge). If she doesn't stop, she'll be held in solitary confinement in the Underworld until the next Soltice.

Make no mistake, I am the only vessel for Babalon.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sunday, June 27th...it was nearly dawn, there was a violent storm, one of many that have passed through of the last few weeks. The city has been busy trying to clean up trees that have been slain.

I was passed out on the couch, dreaming of you again, I can hardly sleep anymore. Suddenly a bolt of lightening struck outside the window. I'm certain it must have extended right into my living room because the whole room lit up. I shot up from laying down to standing up in less than a second. The lightening bolt peirced through darkness and brought with it a vision. An eye lit up the entire room...the pupil, the Black Sun.

Babalon has arrived with the Beast to strike a balance between the New World Order and the New Earth Covenant.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just for the record...

Attention members of the Black Lodge and the White Lodge,

I'm not interested in being a temple prostitute, so please quit trying to invade my psychic space. The idea that the Star of Babalon should be used in this manner is a perverse fantasy perpetuated by men. This is a great offense to Babalon and to all her Scarlet Women. Her "whoredom" has been grossly misinterpreted.

Lavona King
93 93/93

Sunday, May 9, 2010


scarlet moon reflecting the light of the sun

I'm closer to you than I seem

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jack Parsons and the Scarlet Thread

A spiritual conception occurred on another plane via the Sex Magicks of Aleister Crowley and Mari Desti. I believe this "Magickal Child" manifested on Earth as Jack Parsons (occultist, rocket scientist) on October 2, 1914. When Jack Parsons got involved with Aleister Crowley, the Beast was old. His health was failing, he was broke and reduced to selling love potions on Brighton Pier just to stay alive. He predicted the desperately needed arrival of a “rich man from the west”. This turned out to be Jack Parsons. I'm not going to get into Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard too much here, but they were Crowley's unofficial students during his final years. L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction author who later founded the Scientology movement and Jack Parsons, a rocket scientist who founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratories, studied Crowley's work at length. They met when Jack opened an OTO Lodge in his childhood home in Pasadena, California, a once wealthy suburb of Hollywood. This branch was called Agape Lodge, and it was devoted to free love and experimental drugs. Hubbard became deeply involved in Parson’s Babalon Working. The purpose of the ritual was to draw a Scarlet Woman into Parson’s orbit who would then become impregnated, through a series of sexual rituals, with a Magickal Child, Horus, the avatar of the New Aeon.

Around the time of Jack Parsons birth, Crowley started receiving visions and trance-communications he called "The Alamantrah Working". The Amalantrah working was what Crowley termed "The Great Work" i.e. the intentional cultivation of spiritual growth. According to Crowley part of the great work involved "the establishment of contact with non-human intelligences". The purpose of the Amalantrah invocations, by Crowley's own admission, was to open an interdimensional portal that would allow him access to beings from other dimensions. Crowley was successful...he made contact. He sketched the being LAM (the beings we know as Grays) in 1918. Madame Blavatsky used the illustration in her book The Voice of the Silence, around the same time. Beneath the picture she wrote: "Lam is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and LAMA is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Egypt, the Treader of the Path, in Buddhistic phraseology." The Stargate or stellar rift between time and space, created by Crowley's Amalantrah Working, created a portal through which Lam and other extra-cosmic influences can enter the known universe.

Hubbard and Parsons were especially interested in the interdimensional portal that Crowley had created via the Amalantrah invocations. It is interesting to note the time frame between Hubbard and Parsons allegedly reopening the interdimensional portal or "stargate" and the wave of extraterrestrial activity and UFO sightings that began with the Kenneth Arnold's sighting of nine "flying silver disks" over the cascade Mountains in June 1947, not long after the Roswell incident. This is when the United States Government made contact with extraterrestrial intelligences. I won't get into all that but if you've read this far, you probably already know the deal! Anyway, Crowley was concerned that Hubbard and Parsons were acting recklessly when dealing with higher energies. Having spent a lifetime mastering his interaction with supernatural forces, he considered them overconfident and inexperienced and told them as much, finally ceasing all communication with them. Neither man would be deterred and Hubbard and Parsons proceeded to work with the dormant portal that Crowley had left almost 30 years earlier.

Portrait of Jack by Marjorie Cameron

After a falling out with Hubbard and his first Scarlet Woman, Jack continued the Babalon Working with his Scarlet Woman the visionary, Marjorie Cameron. She arrived on Parsons’s doorstep when he returned from several intense nights of invocations in the desert. (she was programmed) After further magical workings together, Parsons and Cameron felt that they had conceived a Moonchild, as described in the novel of the same name by Aleister Crowley, although no physical child was born. Cameron had an abortion after conceiving a child within two weeks of meeting Parsons. A Moonchild was not concieved because Majorie was a programmed Blood Moon. The spiritual being that Jack felt he concieved was simply a realization the same of Moonchild (Star of Babalon) realized by Crowley. It takes more than one generation to manifest the Babalon Current into the world. The Goddess comes with Fire and Force, society would need a few generations to adjust. Jack Parson's blew up in a mysterious explosion. I believe he was murdered, this was orchestrated by Marjorie Cameron. She went on to appear in Kenneth Anger's film Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, again as the Scarlet Woman. She also appeared in the films of Curtis Harrington, including his 1955 documentary about her art, The Wormwood Star. Without the Beast, the Babalon Working was left unfinished...or was it? I was born on Jack's birthday, October 2, 1975.

Like Crowley, it was Jack's intention to manifest an individual incarnation of Babalon, as well as to catalyze the emergence of that force in society. After Christ's Death, the Goddess aspect was driven underground. The church as we know it was built on the teachings of Christ's disciple Paul. But his teachings were incomplete, and became more fragmented and perverted over time. The true legacy of Christ was left to Mary Magdalene, who retreated to a remote cave for the rest of her life. From here she taught the Mysteries of Babalon to other women healers in secrecy. The Goddess has been kept alive through the Scarlet Thread...the bloodline of Mary Magdalene also known as the Holy Grail. Various Mystery Schools and prophets have fortold the return of the Goddess. It's this seed/thought that set Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons apart from other prophets and occultists.

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Mary Desti: the Mother of Invention

Thelemic Saint, Mary Desti was Aleister Crowley's second Scarlet Woman, Soror Virakam. She assisted Crowley in establishing the magical link with the praeterhuman minds that inspired him with one of his greatest works, Magick, Liber ABA, Book 4. Most consider this as his magnum opus. Her ability as a seer was great; a record of her oracular talent can be found in The Ab-ul-Diz Working. Her work also appears in Crowley's book, The Vision & the Voice. Out of all of Crowley's Scarlet Women, I identify with Mary Desti the most. She was an Irish/Italian Libra from Chicago, a single Mother and culture vulture! She owned a cosmetics firm called Desti Beauty Products, a shop called Maison Desti, in Deauville, France, and a New York City studio that sold art, perfume and clothing. I am also an Irish/Italian Libra from Chicago, a single Mother and culture vulture! I've owned and operated two businesses, an Intuitive/Outsider art gallery called Backburner and Beloved, an Esoteric Apothecary, where I sold art, occult goods and my handmade bath and beauty care products. Coincidence?

Mary Desti was life-long best friends with Isadora Duncan, the high priestess of contemporary dance. They were both unwed mothers and led extraordinaire Bohemian lifestyles and traved the world together. Crowley fictionalized both women as characters in his metaphysical novel, Moonchild. Its plot involves a magical war between a white lodge and a black lodge over an unborn child, the Moonchild. Mary appears as the character Lisa la Giuffria and Isadora as a character named "Lavinia King". (Incidentally, my birth given name is Lavona King.) On September 14, 1927 after having returned from a trip to Paris, Isadora and Mary went out to dinner to catch up with one another. After dinner, Isadora hopped into a Bugatti sports car with the agent from the car company. She was wearing a long, elegant, red scarf, and as Mary Desti looked on in horror, that scarf got caught in the axis of the spinning wheel. She was strangled and hurled from the open automobile in which she was riding and instantly killed by the force of her fall to the stone pavement. Mary went on to write a book called The Untold Story: the Life of Isadora Duncan.

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In the Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson is one of my all time favorite albums...it's wizard music! My parents had a great record collection when I was growing up...

"and every day is the right day..."

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sol Niger: The Black Sun


The Ancient wise men of Sumeria and understood how Royal Power came down from the heavens to direct human affairs. The Babylonians spoke of second sun, a Black Sun that beams evolutionary concepts into the mind of man. In the Egyptian mysteries Set is a Black God, Lord of the Underworld, Master of Black Light. The BEAST.In alchemy, the black sun, or “Sol Niger” represents the dark, destructive aspects of the sun.

Osiris’ original title of Khenti-Amenti, “Lord of the Western Darkness”. Isis, Goddess of motherhood, magick and fertility (Mary), her Son Horus (Jesus).

The Beast chose an avatar for this Aeon. Babalon chose her avatar as well, this Scarlet Moon will be unveiled on 11/11/11. (Mass Activation of the 11:11 Gateway)

"Master numbers energetically accentuate the meanings of single digits. They are considered to be some of the most powerful vibrations known. They are thought to symbolize raw untapped potential and assist one in achieving illumination. This energy is waiting to be harnessed by those who have the eyes to see."

Scarlet Moon Rising

Scarlet Moon Rising ~ Babalon voluntarily decended into the underworld, to awaken the power of the Beast for the purposes of Initiation. So far as the ‘sinful’ nature of the Scarlet Woman is concerned, it is interesting to note that in Hebrew the word “sin” actually means “thorn” and “clay”. Thorny plants such as the acacia or rose symbolise the horns of the crescent moon. The moon itself, like the clay shaped by the hands of the divine potter, is a symbol of the body and the natural soul. Liber AL vel Legis describes the Scarlet Woman as being “a moon” (I: 16); as a moon, she is containment and receptivity, as well as the division into parts of cyclical, phasic existence.

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THUNDER, PERFECT MIND ~ Gnostic Poem 100, AD

I was sent forth from the power,
and I have come to those who reflect upon me,
and I have been found among those who seek after me.
Look upon me, you (pl.) who reflect upon me,
and you hearers, hear me.
You who are waiting for me, take me to yourselves.
And do not banish me from your sight.
And do not make your voice hate me, nor your hearing.
Do not be ignorant of me anywhere or any time. Be on your guard!
Do not be ignorant of me.

For I am the first and the last.
I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.
I am the wife and the virgin.
I am and the daughter.
I am the members of my mother.
I am the barren one
and many are her sons.
I am she whose wedding is great,
and I have not taken a husband.
I am the midwife and she who does not bear.
I am the solace of my labor pains.
I am the bride and the bridegroom,
and it is my husband who begot me.
I am the mother of my father
and the sister of my husband,
and he is my offspring.
I am the slave of him who prepared me.
I am the ruler of my offspring.
But he is the one who [begot me] before the time
on a birthday.
And he is my offspring [in] (due) time,
and my power is from him.
I am the staff of his power in his youth,
[and] he is the rod of my old age.
And whatever he wills happens to me.
I am the silence that is incomprehensible
and the idea whose remembrance is frequent.
I am the voice whose sound is manifold
and the word whose appearance is multiple.
I am the utterance of my name.

Why, you who hate me, do you love me,
and you hate those who love me?
You who deny me, confess me,
and you who confess me, deny me.
You who tell the truth about me, lie about me,
and you who have lied about me, tell the truth about me.
You who know me, be ignorant of me,
and those who have not known me, let them know me.

For I am knowledge and ignorance.
I am shame and boldness.
I am shameless; I am ashamed.
I am strength and I am fear.
I am war and peace.
Give heed to me.
I am the one who is disgraced and the great one.

Give heed to my poverty and my wealth.
Do not be arrogant to me when I am cast out upon the earth,
[and] you will find me in [those that] are to come.
And do not look [upon] me on the dung-heap
nor go and leave me cast out,
and you will find me in the kingdoms.
And do not look upon me when I am cast out among those who
are disgraced and in the least places,
nor laugh at me.
And do not cast me out among those who are slain in violence.
But I, I am compassionate and I am cruel.
Be on your guard!
Do not hate my obedience
and do not love my self-control.
In my weakness, do not forsake me,
amd do not be afraid of my power.
For why do you despise my fear
and curse my pride?

But I am she who exists in all fears
and strength in trembling.
I am she who is weak,
and I am well in a pleasant place.
I am senseless and I am wise.

Why have you hated me in your counsels?
For I shall be silent among those who are silent,
and I shall appear and speak.
Why then have you hated me, you Greeks?
Because I am a barbarian among [the] barbarians?
For I am the wisdom [of the] Greeks
and the knowledge of [the] barbarians.
I am the judgment of [the] Greeks and the barbarians.
[I] am the one whose image is great in Egypt
and the one who has no image among the barbarians.
I am the one who is hated everywhere
and who has been loved everywhere.
I am the one whom they call Life,
and you have called Death.
I am the one whom they call Law,
and you have called Lawlessness.
I am the one whom you have pursued,
and I am the one whom you have seized.
I am the one you have scattered,
and you have gathered me together.
I am the one before whom you have been ashamed,
and you have been shameless to me.
I am she who does not keep festival,
and I am she whose festivals are many.
I, I am godless,
and I am one whose God is great.
I am the one whom you have reflected upon,
and you have scorned me.
I am unlearned,
and they learn from me.
I am the one whom you have despised,
and you reflect upon me.
I am the one whom you have hidden from,
and you appear to me.
But whenever you hide yourselves,
I myself will appear.
For [whenever] you [appear],
I myself [will hide] from you.
Those who have [...] to it [...] senselessly [...].

Take me [... understanding] from grief,
and take me to yourselves from understanding [and] grief.
And take me to yourselves from places that are ugly and in ruin,
and rob from those which are good even though in ugliness.
Out of shame, take me to yourselves shamelessly;
and out of shamelessness and shame, upbraid my members
in yourselves.
And come foreward to me, you who know me
and you who know my members,
and establish the great ones among the small first creatures.
Come foreward to childhood,
and do not despise it because it is small and it is little.
And do not turn away greatness in some parts from the
for the smallnesses are known from the greatnesses.

Why do you curse me and honor me?
You have wounded and you have had mercy.
Do not separate me from the first ones whom you have [known].
[And] do not cast anyone [out nor] turn anyone away
[...] turn away and [... know] him not.
[... him].
What is mine [...].
I know the [first ones] and those after them [know] me.

But I am the mind of [...] and the rest of [...].
I am the knowledge of my inquiry,
and the finding of those who seek after me,
and the command of those who ask of me,
and the power of the powers in my knowledge
of the angels, who have been sent at my word,
and of the gods in their seasons by my counsel,
and of the spirits of every man who exists with me,
and of the women who dwell within me.
I am the one who is honored, and who is praised,
and who is despised scornfully.
I am peace,
and war has come because of me.
I am an alien and a citizen.
I am the substance and the one who has no substance.

Those who are without association with me are ignorant of me,
and those who are in my substance are the ones who know me.
Those who are close to me have been ignorant of me,
and those who are far away from me are the ones who have
known me.
On the day when I am close to [you],
[you] are far away [from me],
[and] on the day when I [am far away] from you,
[I am close] to you.

[I am ...] within.
[I am ...] of the natures.
I am [...] of the creation of the spirits.
[...] request of souls.
[I am] control and the uncontrollable.
I am the union and the dissolution.
I am the abiding and the dissolving.
I am the one below,
and they come up to me.
I am the judgment and the acquittal.
I, I am sinless,
and the root of sin derives from me.
I am lust in (outward) appearance,
and interior self-control exists within me.
I am the hearing that is attainable to everyone
and the speech that cannot be grasped.
I am a mute who does not speak,
and great is the multitude of my words.

Hear me in gentleness, and learn of me in roughness.
I am she who cries out,
and I am cast out on the face of the earth.
I prepare the bread and my mind within.
I am the knowledge of my name.
I am one who cries out,
and I listen.
I appear and [...] walk in [...] seal of my [...].
I am [...] the defense [...].
I am the one who is called Truth,
and iniquity [...].

You honor me [...] and you whisper against [me].
[...] victorious over them.
Judge then before they give judgment against you,
because the judge and the partiality exist in you.
If you are condemned by this one, who will acquit you?
Or if you are acquitted by him who will be able to detain you?
For what is inside of you is what is outside of you,
and the one who fashions you on the outside
is the one who shaped the inside of you.
And what you see outside of you,
you see outside of you;
it is visible and it is your garment.

Hear me, you hearers,
and learn of my words, you who know me.
I am the hearing that is attainable to everything;
I am the speech that can not be grasped.
I am the name of the sound
and the sound of the name.
I am the sign of the letter
and the designation of the division.
And I [...].
[...] light [...].
[...] hearers [...] to you
[...] the great power.
And [...] will not move the name.
[...] to the one who created me.
And I will speak his name.

Look then at his words
and all the writings which have been completed.
Give heed then, you hearers
and you also, the angels and those who have been sent,
and you spirits who have arisen from the dead.
For I am the one who alone exists,
and I have no one who will judge me.

For many are the pleasant forms which exist in
numerous sins,
and incontinencies,
and disgraceful passions,
and fleeting pleasures,
which (men) embrace until they become sober
and go up to their resting-place.
And they will find me there,
and they will live,
and they will not die again.