Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MK Ultra Mind Programing: Frequency Control

If you are suffering from paranoia, depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ect.... you might be under the influence. Programming is done through electrical currents via computers and digital devices. In the worst case scenarios, by using etheric implants in the subtle body. Please remember, nothing can stop Beast, so be strong.

"explain why as technological advances increase exponentially, so does the speed of our downward spiral into robotized humanity…"

Artificial currents that override our natural spiritual current. Think of it like this, a natural spiritual frequency would be likened to rays of the Sun. As opposed to an artificial frequency such as a florescent light bulb.

I've accessed a higher spiritual dimension to deprogram myself. I suspected you and girlfriend might under a mind control program too. After the psychic attacks, I tried to use magick to protect myself. When that didn't work I knew you must be under mind control program because you raped me with a butcher knife in the underworld. I will continue to deprogram you if you're not completely conscious yet.

Just remember, Charles Manson was a programmed assassin. (link) Marilyn Monroe was also a victim of an MKULTRA program and was programmed to self destruct.

Please do not visit any doctors or dentists! If you feel sick or anything look into seeing a Naturopath, or some other kind of holistic practitioner of natural medicine.

Something worth investigating: MK Ultra Sex Slaves Alice In Wonderland Programming

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kenneth Anger: Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome

Lavona (Levanah) the word itself is the phonetic for the Hebrew LBNH (lamed-beth-nun-heh) which is the Hebrew for "Moon" another variation is LVNA, which is Latin for "Moon"

Scarlet Moon Rising ~ Babalon voluntarily decended into the underworld, to awaken the power of the Beast for the purposes of Initiation. So far as the ‘sinful’ nature of the Scarlet Woman is concerned, it is interesting to note that in Hebrew the word “sin” actually means “thorn” and “clay”. Thorny plants such as the acacia or rose symbolise the horns of the crescent moon. The moon itself, like the clay shaped by the hands of the divine potter, is a symbol of the body and the natural soul. Liber AL vel Legis describes the Scarlet Woman as being “a moon” (I: 16); as a moon, she is containment and receptivity, as well as the division into parts of cyclical, phasic existence.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Last night the Babalon current was established Hell. And by the way, a put a binding spell on your little girlfriend so she won't get in my way. I won't allow her to abuse me or sexually arouse me. It's out of my hands now, I've invoked Saturn (karmic justice) and Sun (just Judge). If she doesn't stop, she'll be held in solitary confinement in the Underworld until the next Soltice.

Make no mistake, I am the only vessel for Babalon.